Auckland - Howick  Vendor

The service and the way Gerald managed to sell my house, was completely different and good.

He started with the price I was looking for, unfortunately after month even if he couldn't sell my house, he continued monitoring and even though I decided to go with another Real Estate Agent, behind the scene he was still focus and looking forward, reason why as soon as my contract ended with the second Real Estate Agent he came back with another different and new offer, which none of the 6 Real Estate Agents I deal with in the past offered to me. At the end he brought the person interested which after viewing decided to buy it.

Thank you Gerald 



Auckland -  Purchaser,  Private

Gerald, thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate all the emails, calls and all your visits to my house in order to get all the paper work sorted for the house that I purchased through you. You made the whole process very easy for me. Owning my own house was a big dream for me and I just wanted to let you know that you played a big role in making my dream a reality. 



Greg & Lynn Barnes

Auckland -  Friend, 

Gerald has been a close friend of ours since 2005.

One thing that I have always admired about him is his integrity and honesty.

There are many people in the community who can attest to Gerald and his wife helping them in some way or other.

One thing I admire about him is that he is a self starter and when there is a task to accomplish Gerald doesn't require much prompting to get on with it.

Greg and Lyn Barnes. 



Alex Sarte

Auckland -  Business owner,  Private

-My wife and I has known Mr. Gerald Simpson for over 4 years now. He is a friend of our family. He has assisted us in a lot of ways --in fact we have seeked his advice upon purchasing our first home. He has been a huge help to us in this endeavor and in many others. He has also helped a lot of our other church members in myriad of different ways - whether it be with work or with personal issues. We know that he has a background in sales and is sure to give him the edge he needs to be an asset to sellers and buyers alike.

Alex Sarte Jr. 


Martin Frost

Australia -  Business Owner,  Brisbane

I met Gerald about 12 years ago. I took an instant liking to him and we have continued a friendship ever since. 

I looked to Gerald as a role model and sought his advice in my management matters. Gerald has always been faithful to the task at hand and recommend Gerald without reservation.

Martin Frost  In-home Resource Management 



Des Atterbury

Auckland -  Lecturer,  MIT

It is with pleasure that I am able to provide a brief testimonial of Gerald Simpson. I have known him for approximately nine years and have found him to be very friendly and always willing to provide support or go out of his way to assist everyone.

Des Atterbury. 

Riaan and Lizelle

Hi Gerald,  Lizelle and I would like to thank for all your help in finding a property and for working with us. We recommend anyone who wants to buy any property can rely on Gerald Simpson. Gerald will walk the extra mile for you and stand by you through thick and thin so you can get your property.

Thanks again for all the help and assistance so we could get our wonderful new property.

Now my family and I can breathe again and start living.

Regards Riaan and Lizelle.

Jia & Qing - Botany Downs Auckland

We are pleased with the effort and time which Gerald spent with us when we first came to see the open home. Toward the final stage of the settlement he really kept in touch with us and assured us of his care in making this a great experience for us. We really appreciate all his hard work toward us.
Thank you so much.
Jia and Qing 

Marissa and Jasper Mt Wellington, Auckland

Thank you Gerald! 
We were worried at first that our property will take time to sell but to our surprise we have received good offers after 2 days of posting out property on line. Offers were really too good to be missed. Thank you to our brilliant agent, Gerald Simpson who has been helpful throughout the process of the purchase. He is an exceptional sales person and highly recommended to those people looking for someone to market their properties
Regards, Marissa and Jasper